Kote Foundation
Lotus and lilies bloom in murky ponds. But, unlike in a natural world where animals and plants have an innate ability to thrive and adapt to environment, in a man-made world not all men are born equal, nor do they have the necessary opportunities or resources to thrive on their own. Also, it is neither poetry nor philanthropic debates that transform things but thoughts nurtured into action consistently. But, nurturing doesn’t happen overnight, it requires resources to build a sustaining ecosystem in terms of passion, time, effort, and mentoring. And this is what, we at Kote Foundation believe and focus on: building an eco system to empower the needy in terms of providing basic human needs of health, education, and shelter.
Kote Foundation is managed by professionals who have prior experience in building successful companies. Kote Foundation is motivated by mentoring socially responsible companies that aim to continue the mission... Kote Foundation helps entrepreneurs to be ready to succeed in the entrepreneurial eco system, reflecting the diversity of business models...
How we do