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Primary Mentoring Criteria
We are inspired by the role of Gandhi and the Salt Satyagraha Movement which directly impacted the critical need at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BOP). The Salt Satyagraha inspired millions of people to make salt on their own and not to depend on the ruling elite who enforced exorbitant taxes, and thus exemplified confidence in people and set the pattern of sustenance from dependence. Similarly, we are seeking for products or services initiatives that have the potential to impact the Three S’.
We are seeking Companies that can make a social difference either by developing a product or delivering a service that address a critical need at the Bottom of the Pyramid (BoP) in the areas of education, healthcare and shelter. The products or services should generate social outcome that have a comparative advantage over products or services that are either currently available in the market or through charitable distribution network.
We are looking at a business model that demonstrates potential for financial sustainability within a five year period which, has the ability to overcome the operating expenses with operating revenues. This five year plan is aligned with the tenor of most commercial loans encouraging entrepreneurs to access commercial finance in the future.
The entrepreneur revenue model should have the capacity to reach out to a substantial number of end users within a five year period with the benefits of the product or service. In case, the entrepreneur's business model does not aim to reach let’s say one million consumers, does it at least have the following?
  • The potential to grow by an order of magnitude (i.e., 10x) within five years
  • Potential for material impact on the social problem it is trying to solve
  • Position as one of the leading service providers in the market in which it operates
  • An experienced management team with the skills and will to grow a sustainable enterprise at the BoP
  • An appropriate human resource team that can implement the business plan adhering to the original business vision
  • A management team with positive ethics
Our Practices, Relationship & Networking
Kote Foundation has a zero tolerance policy for businesses that do not abide by the letter of local and international laws. We believe that Kote Foundation can play a vital role in bringing international legal best practices to our entrepreneurs.

We reach out to the local but our activities adhere to global standards and draw on our collective experiences and knowledge. We value and place at the heart of each mentoring decision the customers who we are serving: the BOP who lack basic access to health, education and shelter. We have a high risk tolerance but work to understand and mitigate risks where possible and keep our mentoring structures as simple as possible.

We strongly believe in nurturing long-term, engaged relationships with mentees, bringing appropriate support and resources before, during and after our mentoring approval process. We seek to capture experiences and share insights from our work in sector-wide discussions and targeted exchanges of knowledge with our strategic partners.
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